What you need to consider when buying a glucometer in Kenya

What you need to consider when buying a glucometer in Kenya

Monitoring blood sugar levels is an important health routine for anyone with chronic high blood sugar. It goes without saying that you need to do you due diligence when getting a home monitoring device. 

Once you've determined your budget, here are things to consider when buying a blood sugar monitor in Kenya so that it serves you right:

1. Accuracy - Confirm that the glucometer you are getting is approved by relevant bodies for blood sugar testing. This includes FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other local regulatory bodies.

2.  Ease of use - Find out whether the machine you are getting requires you to use a code chip. Also learn how the readings are configured (mmol/L or mg/dL) and how the setup is done; that is, time, date and alarm.

3. Blood sample required - The less the blood sample is required, the better. Different machines require different amounts of blood to test. Anything below the threshhold may result in a false reading or an error.

4. Test time - When you are going about your work, you want to have a machine that gives you your readings in a short period of time. Different glucometers have varying test times and so you can find out the test time of the glucometer you want to buy for comparison.

5. Availability of subsequent strips - Last but not least, the availability of strips for the specific glucometer in the market is key. Ensure to ask your glucometer supplier how you will access subsequent strips after your first purchase. 

Our Comfys Gmate glucometer kit is an FDA, EU and locally approved machine. It has a 5 secs test time, requires less than 0.5ul to test and does not need any coding. It comes with 25 strips, 10 lancets and a pricking device.

Our Gmate strips are available for countrywide delivery.






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