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50 Comfys Gmate Blood Sugar Test Strips

50 Comfys Gmate Blood Sugar Test Strips

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Comfys Gmate Blood Sugar Test Strips come packed as 50 strips in 2 packs of 25. The strips are hard and firm in texture for easy handling and inserting into the test strip port on the Comfys Gmate Glucometer. On inserting, the strips are auto detected by the Comfys Gmate Glucometer WITHOUT CODING and require a SMALL BLOOD SAMPLE of 0.5 microlitres to test. The strips provide fast (within 5 SECONDS) and accurate results to help you monitor your treatment. 

COMFYS GMATE TEST STRIPS are in use in more than 92 countries globally and are approved by the FDA (USA) and CE (EU).

The seller of this device Comfys Healthcare (Comfys Gmate) is a Nairobi based company dedicated to helping Kenyans manage blood sugar (diabetes), blood pressure (hypertension), and joint pains/injuries.

Key features :

  • FAST AND ACCURATE RESULTS (within 5 seconds)
  • REQUIRES SMALL BLOOD SAMPLE (0.5 microlitres)

What's in the box :

  • 50 blood sugar test strips (2 packs of 25)
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