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Acnes Creamy Wash - 100gm

Acnes Creamy Wash - 100gm

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Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash besides removing dirt and dust also helps in killing acnegenic bacteria present in the deep pores of skin. Acne treatment creamy face wash helps in cleansing excessive sebum in a soft and gentle manner and cures redness reducing acne/ pimples breakout. Vitamin C and E present in this product helps in providing natural moisture to skin while ensuring tightening of pores.


  1. Removes dirt and dust.
  2. It helps in Cleansing excessive sebum.
  3. It prevents and cures redness and reduces pimples.
  4. It provides ample moisture to skin as it also  kills bacteria present in deep pores of skin  and tightens skin pores.
  5. Cleanse face by removing dirt that clog pores.

Uses / Indications: For effective results, wash your face with Acnes Creamy Wash follow-up with Acnes Powder Lotion.

How to use: 
  • Wet face, take enough face wash on palm, foam it up and apply evenly, avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
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