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B-Sure Syphilis & HIV Self Test Kit - 1 piece

B-Sure Syphilis & HIV Self Test Kit - 1 piece

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B-Sure Syphilis & HIV self test is a screening test for HIV(the virus responsible for AIDS)and syphilis. It measures antibodies which your body may produce if you have come in contact with the bacteria Treponema pallidum.
Please ensure you visit a HIV testing center, health facility or healthcare professional when your result is positive or invalid(See steps in the insert).

Each Kit contains components to perform 1 test;

  • Instructions for use/product insert
  • Test strip
  • Alcohol swab
  • Buffer cap
  • Sterile lancet


  1. Remove the cassette from the foil pouch and place it on a flat surface
  2. Use the sterile lancet to prick a finger and drop the blood sample in the sample hole marked 'S'
  3. The results can be seen within 2-3 minutes


Positive results - (Two bands) A reddish-purple band appears on BOTH the control line (C Line) and the test line (T Line)

Negative results - (One band) A reddish-purple band appears ONLY on the control line (C Line)

Invalid resulets -  NO reddish-purple band appears on neither the control line (C Line) nor the test line (T Line)

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