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Omron M3 Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor Original- With Large Cuff & 1 Year Warranty

Omron M3 Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor Original- With Large Cuff & 1 Year Warranty

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The Omron M3 is designed with advanced technology for enhanced usabilityaccuracy, and traceability.
It comes with INTELLIWRAP Technology which enables accurate BP measurement regardless of the bicep cuff/wrap position. It's cuff guide notifies you of the right fastening/tightness while placing the cuff on your upper arm.
It's INTELLISENSE technology prevents upper arm injury from over inflation of the cuff.

It can store up to 60 readings for periodic review of Blood Sugar Control. 

It also has a 2 person switch for use by more than one person and stores the readings separately.

It comes with a LARGE BICEP/UPPER ARM CUFF of 22-42 cm so don't worry about fitting. 

It is light and easy to carry, automatic, and suitable for monitoring BP at home. 
It is also suitable for elderly people.  

It uses AA batteries which are readily available in shops and supermarkets, is clinically tested and validated for ACCURACY, and also has a large digital display for easy reading and interpretation of results.
It has an AC charging port. 

Operation instructions:
- Simply place the cuff on the upper arm and press the ON button.
- The device will check your blood pressure automatically.

Highlights (Bullets) :

  • INTELLIWRAP TECHNOLOGY (does not require specific cuff placement on the upper arm)
  • CUFF WRAP GUIDE (indicator for the necessary cuff tightening/fastening on the upper arm)
  • One-touch BP testing technology
  • Clinically validated for accuracy, diabetic, and pregnancy
  • Large LCD display for easy reading
  • Battery powered for portability (4 AA batteries)
  • AC charging port

What's in the box :

  1. Omron M3 BP machine
  2. Upper Arm Cuff 22-42 cm
  3. 4 batteries
  4. Manual
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