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Fabia Home Blood Pressure BP Monitor (Large Adult Bicep Cuff And Voice Enabled)

Fabia Home Blood Pressure BP Monitor (Large Adult Bicep Cuff And Voice Enabled)

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The Fabia B01A Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is uniquely designed to suit the needs of a blood pressure patient. It is simple in design with 2 buttons that include:
a. Power Button: Turns on the machine and automatically takes a Blood Pressure reading once it is powered on.
b. Memory Button: Retrieves previous readings to help you keep track of your blood pressure readings. It can store up to 120 readings for 2 unique users.

This upper arm BP monitor has a LARGE LCD DISPLAY for easy reading, announces results via VOICE FUNCTION and classifies the result according to WHO blood pressure standards to let you know if your BP is low, normal, or high.

This upper arm BP monitor comes with an adult-size 22-40 cm bicep cuff (arm wrap) to cover for adults with large biceps. 
It is powered by 4 AAA BATTERIES which are readily available in the market. 

This device is designed for suitability to self-bp monitoring 

The seller of this device, Comfys Healthcare (Comfys Gmate), is a Nairobi based company dedicated to helping Kenyans manage blood sugar (diabetes) and blood pressure (hypertension). 

Highlights (Bullets):

  • Automatic BP testing for easy use
  • VOICE reading of results
  • WHO Blood Pressure Reading Classification
  • Large LCD display for easy reading
  • Uses readily available 4 AAA batteries
  • 22-40 cm Adult bicep cuff (Arm Wrap) size

 What's in the box :

  1. Fabia B10A BP machine
  2. Upper Arm Cuff
  3. 4 AAA batteries
  4. BP carrier pouch
  5. Manual
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