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Jamieson Cranberry Complex 500mg 60's

Jamieson Cranberry Complex 500mg 60's

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Jamieson Cranberry Complex is comprised of 450 mg of Cran-Max™ Cranberry and 50 mg of D-Mannose. It contains naturally occurring proanthocyanidins that possess antibacterial activity. Each capsule is derived from 500 mg of fresh, pure cranberry juice concentrate. A daily dose of one capsule is equivalent to an 236.5 ml (8 oz.) glass of cranberry juice. All the natural benefits of cranberry juice without the calories or added sugar.

Drinking cranberry juice has been a traditional method used to prevent urinary tract infections. Cranberries contain antibacterial compounds that act against the coliform bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. The primary mechanism of action may be the decrease in the adhesion of bacteria (most notably E. Coli) to urinary tract cells. 

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