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Kedley Elasticated Wrist Support - S/M or M/L

Kedley Elasticated Wrist Support - S/M or M/L

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KEDLEY High Quality Elasticated Wrist Support is designed to give maximum support around the wrist area. The highly elasticated material along with the strength of the nylon ensure that the wrist joint is well supported during activities. The strategically stitched, re-enforced fibres help support the radius and ulna bones, and the collateral ligaments ensure firm support.
Warnings: If skin irritation is evident after use, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Professional medical advice should be taken for serious or reoccurring injuries.

Recommended for:

Overuse Injuries, Tendonitis, compression, mild sprains and strains.

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1 Piece -  Active Elasticated Wrist support

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