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Mentholatum Deep Freeze Cold Spray- 150ml

Mentholatum Deep Freeze Cold Spray- 150ml

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Deep Freeze Cold Spray delivers an instant feeling of cooling pain relief and helps relieve painful sprains, strains, muscle pain and the pain associated with arthritis and backache. It contains the active ingredients of n-Pentane 40%w/w and levomenthol 2.0% w/w, and can be used during or immediately after exercise to help relieve bumps and strains.

Designed to rapidly cool an injured area, Deep Freeze spray should be used as soon as an injury occurs, so it can help relieve the pain instantly. Immediate application of cold therapy after a minor injury, knock or sprain instantly helps reduce pain and swelling. Timely treatment may also help minimize tissue damage too. Adults and children over 6 years: Shake can before use. Always try on a small area first. Hold 15cm from the affected area and spray in 2 - 3 short bursts. Wash your hands after use. Repeat up to 3 times per day if the pain persists. It is suitable for use by age 6 and above.

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