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Ripple Mattress - Air/Bubble mattress

Ripple Mattress - Air/Bubble mattress

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Ripple/Bubble mattress is used for prevention and treatment of bed sores on buttocks and back. In fact, it is suitable for short term usage and in those with low risk assessment. Its compact alternating pressure pad is composed of 2.5” height bubble cells. Ripple mattress or air medical mattress is a most effective measure for pressure sores, back reduces the share and friction between the bed and patience and safeguard them from pressure or bed sores. it achieves this by uniformly and alternatively supporting the patient contact skin area through air pressurizing of air cushions. Ripple mattress systems are typically used when treating patients who cannot move or have limited mobility. Some of the criteria necessitating the use of devices may include the presence of pressure ulcers or burns not able to move freely. Does ripple mattress prevent bed sores? This ripple air mattress contains multiple air chambers that are alternately pumped for pressure distribution which helps reduce pressures on prominent areas of the body and prevent bedsores. Bubble mattress is used for prevention and treatment of bed sores on buttocks and back. 

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